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Ned was great.

I contacted him for the first time on a Wednesday, he sent me probably 75 listings to choose from per my specifications, showed me about 4 houses that next Monday, I fell in love with the last one, made an offer the next day, needed to close quick, by April 30th. Ned made it happen! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a realtor. Great guy and very knowledgeable about the whole process. Thank you. WOULDYOUREFER: Absolutely!!! He was referred to me by someone else and I would definitely refer a friend to him.


Gary and I are both associate brokers in Maine and I would be very proud to be working with an agent such as Ned.

He is the best of the best and believe me, we have worked with lots of agents, as professionals ourselves. WOULDYOUREFER: We are doing so and will continue to refer Ned. OTHERCOMMENTS: Ned is just what a client wants in an agent. He was fast to respond to us and went over and beyond to get us this house. He is also a fun person to work with. We are not the "starched suit" type of agents and having an agent with a great personality was a plus for us. The market is a little crazy at the moment but Ned will be successful no matter what the market brings in the future.

Gary & Cindy

WOULDYOUREFER: Ned was perfect.

we consider him part of our family now and will refer him to everyone we know OTHERCOMMENTS: Ned really looked out for us. We felt safe in our purchase knowing that he was working for us. We have a hard time trusting people in general but Ned can be trusted with our personal assets as a matter of fact we even told our alarm company that he (our realtor) is the only person in the area that we do trust.

Joe & Beth


! OTHERCOMMENTS: Ned went so far above and beyond the call of duty! He was flexible with my schedules and dealt with our water disaster in a prompt, competent way. I recently purchased a home in Philadelphia and the service I got from Ned for my small unit in Florida was so much more professional and attentive that I wished he could be the agent for all my transactions!


Ned is the best Realtor I have dealt with, his knowledge and professionalism is the tops and I have purchased and sold over 15 homes, I plan to use him in the future for some more investment.


Ned did a great job, I was very happy with him.

WOULDYOUREFER: Absolutely OTHERCOMMENTS: My wife and I were very pleased with Ned. He was very responsive to our inquires and always returned our phone calls promptly. He showed us a lot of properties over the course of several months and helped us find the perfect deal. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so. Ned is the first real estate agent that I have been truly happy and impressed with.

Scott & Lissete

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